Jaidee offers a range of services related to web product development…

What can Jaidee do for you?

Jaidee offers a range of services related to web product development, with a strong focus on server-side and front-end coding, responsive UI/UX, an affinity for clean design and typography, and a background in developing apps for clients ranging from teeny-tiny startups to trending dot-coms to large private and public sector organizations, including a number of US federal government agencies in need of cutting-edge development services and mentoring.

Just wanted to say the “polish” on the rankings page is exactly the kind of clean design that I was hoping for. Overall, I really like your aesthetic.

While not a web marketing firm per se, there is also in-house familiarity with content development and social media presence management, that is also available and useful in several contexts related to app development.

Tools and Technologies

Tech is only one component of a successful app, and growth depends on a number of factors that often outrank particular technological choices.

That said, if you’re familiar with modern development, you’ll find both the latest and greatest as well as some more mature tools in the stack at Jaidee: Ruby on Rails, Go(lang), HTML5/CSS3, and JavaScript (of the vanilla variety along with frameworks such as React, with Node/NPM/Yard lurking in the background), PostgreSQL, Redis, and other persistence stores, cloud technologies including AWS EC2 and API Gateway/Lambda along with other cloud providers and more traditional hosting, etc.